Innovating to Get More Food and Energy Out of Each Drop of Water with Pentair’s VP of Technology Phil Rolchigo

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Phil Rolchigo, Vice President of Technology at Pentair, joins The Water Values Podcast this week to discuss new products and technologies his company is developing to feed the world through innovations in sustainable aquaponics systems and the recovering of resources from water. He also talks about some of the challenges and processes that Pentair is using to drive productivity and growth in the marketplace with new business models, and how these applications create value for the customer. Join us for this episode to learn about how Pentair is working to introduce new technologies into the water sector and how they’re working to provide a great solution for our world!

In this session, you’ll learn about:

  • Separation technologies and how they are used to provide us with essential, everyday products
  • The virtual water footprint of some common products
  • How Pentair technologies are helping to advance business
  • What aquaponics is and how it’s being used to farm fish in a closed loop environment
  • The technology of aquaponics and its impact on food production, and what challenges it faces in the marketplace.
  • The most common applications for aquaponics
  • How Pentair technologies perform resource recovery operations in wastewater treatment plants
  • How resource recovery processes help us to recapture energy and water resources at much higher levels of efficiency
  • The Pentair product development process
  • How Pentair is working to educate the sector about the benefits of resource recovery applications
  • What “cutting edge” technology looks like in the water, food and energy sectors

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Click here to download the Transcript for Session 49 of The Water Values Podcast.

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