What Are the Important Issues in Water Finance? With Debra Coy

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Wall Street veteran Debra Coy joins us on The Water Values Podcast to talk about a number of issues concerning water finance. She brings a wealth of experience as a water analyst and as a water consultant to our discussion about financing water utilities, assessing the current state of the market, evaluating the importance of rates to utilities, surveying industry consolidation, and much more.

In this Session, You’ll Learn about:

  • The difference between finance for investor-owned utilities (IOUs) and municipally-owned utilities in the water sector
  • The reason publicly-traded, IOUs typically have an easier time raising capital than municipal water utilities
  • The importance of rate-setting in water finance
  • The ratio of customer served by IOUs to municipally-owned utilities
  • The capital structure of IOUs
  • The capital requirements for water utilities
  • The typical return on equity range for investor-owned water utilities
  • The reason full-cost pricing for water service is becoming more prevalent
  • Why consolidation in the water sector has increased
  • Debra’s perspective on rate freezes and lifeline water rates

Resources and Links Mentioned in or Relevant to this Session Include:

  • Debra’s Twitter handle: @coy_debra
  • GE Water’s website
  • XPV Capital’s website
  • Aqua America and American Water, two publicly-traded IOUs in the water sector
  • Wikipedia page on the water privatization efforts of UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher
  • Article from The Telegraph about Prime Minister Thatcher’s privatization efforts, which extent broadly beyond the water sector
  • Global Water Intelligence’s website, for which Debra writes a column
  • George Hawkins bio page on the DC Water website


Click here to download the Transcript for Session 19 of The Water Values Podcast.

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