Speeding Technology Adoption Among Utilities with FATHOM CEO Trevor Hill

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Trevor Hill joins The Water Values Podcast and discusses an array of technology issues affecting water utilities. Trevor describes the utility market that technology providers find themselves in and identifies the challenges of speeding technology adoption. Using his experience at FATHOM, Trevor explains how FATHOM rose out of the consolidation of a number of utilities that needed technology integration but could not individually justify the expenditures to create the FATHOM platform. It’s an interesting peek inside the water technology world.

In this session, you’ll learn about:

  • The background Trevor leveraged to get into the water industry
  • How Trevor created the market for his technology in water utilities
  • How Trevor developed FATHOM as a back office software solution
  • The reasons utilities find it challenging to develop software technology
  • How FATHOM works with multiple data systems (e.g., manual, drive-by, automatic meter reading, automated metering infrastructure)
  • Trevor’s ideas on how technology adoption can be expedited in water utilities

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Click here to download the Transcript for Session 68 of The Water Values Podcast.

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3 thoughts on “Speeding Technology Adoption Among Utilities with FATHOM CEO Trevor Hill

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  2. Troy Webb

    Very good information about the water industry. Impressive. I never thought about water in the way Trevor explained it. Wow! I get it now. Thank you

  3. Piers

    Great interview, intelligent challenging questions answered in an honest and informed way. Anyone who is thinking of entering the water sector, as a tech company or an investor or an end-user utility should listen to this. (I listened while filling in my monthly expenses. At last I have found a way to make sorting receipts interesting! )

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