Using Big Data to Improve Water Utility Revenues with Valor Water President Christine Boyle

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Christine Boyle, President of Valor Water, joins The Water Values Podcast .

In this session, you’ll learn about:

  • How Christine started Valor Water
  • The University of North Carolina’s water program
  • The four platforms Valor Water has commercialized for utility revenue
  • Using software to find anomalies in the water distribution system
  • “Real losses” from the water distribution system
  • Using software to identify customers with potential payment problems
  • How Valor Water identifies and segments customer classes for messaging about bill payment and cut-offs
  • Using software to assist utilities with rate optimization and climate change planning
  • “Stress testing” utilities for climate change scenarios
  • Using software for conservation planning
  • Meter fleet management applications
  • The different data points and types that Valor Water uses
  • How Valor Water helps utilities “unleash the power of their data”

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One thought on “Using Big Data to Improve Water Utility Revenues with Valor Water President Christine Boyle

  1. Seth Swanson

    Big Data in water systems is an interesting topic. There is a lot of data recorded by SCADA and billing systems in the operations of water systems. I’d be interested to hear more about how this data is being used to analyze system performance, the tools available for analysis, and where Big Data in water is going.

    Thanks for the show.

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