Oregon Groundwater: Is There Enough?

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In furtherance of providing you more water-related resources and information, here’s the first paragraph of a blog post from the University of Denver Sturm College of Law Water Law Review blog:

Oregon Groundwater: Is There Enough?

Over the last five months, Oregon lawmakers have been considering three bills that address the state’s ongoing inability to measure available groundwater as well as the state’s funding options for this much-needed research. Oregon’s agricultural industry, which accounts for eighty-five percent of the state’s water consumption, has been largely unregulated because the state’s Water Resources Department does not have updated knowledge as to how much groundwater is actually available. The long-term sustainability of water sources is an issue making its way to the forefront of many state legislatures, especially the agriculture-heavy states impacted by the recently unpredictable climate.

To read the full blog post view the University of Denver Sturm College of Law Water Law Review blog

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