Maximizing Capital Plan Efficiency with Byron Druss

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Byron Druss of InVizion LLC joins The Water Values Podcast for a discussion on maximizing capital plan efficiency. Byron identifies inefficiencies in traditional capital planning methodologies and explains how those inefficiencies can by cured through software as a service applications. He notes challenges and roadblocks that keep utilities from attaining efficient deployment of capital for the infrastructure needs.

Additionally, Reese Tisdale returns with a great Bluefield on Tap segment where he provides his takeaways from AWWA ACE. Settle in for some great insights in this episode!

In this session, you’ll learn about:

  • Byron’s background as an electrical engineer and water commissioner in New Jersey
  • One of areas in which utilities are most inefficient
  • How these inefficiencies creep into capital plan implementation
  • How the inefficiency is often masked by overspending
  • How software as a service can improve capital plan efficiency from 50% to nearly 100%
  • How this approach is implemented within utilities, including data sets, timeframes, and more
  • How you can determine if software as a service is right for your utility

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