A Watershed Investment Strategy with Bill Brennan

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Bill Brennan returns to The Water Values Podcast and sheds significant light on building a portfolio of sustainable & ESG investments in the water sector through the Blue Growth Equity Strategy he developed. Bill discusses characteristics of companies he looks for, distinguishing those companies, and digging into the data to determine how those companies are impacting water in a positive way.

Also, Reese Tisdale joins the podcast for a market update on the water sector, including a deep dive on GE Digital and more insights on GE’s divestiture of GE Water to Suez, in our regular Bluefield on Tap segment.

In this session, you’ll learn about:

  • How the Blue Growth Equity Strategy developed
  • How the specific watersheds were chosen
  • What ESG investing is
  • What the important issues in ESG investing are
  • Why returns are still the most important feature of an ESG investment strategy
  • Why Bill thinks “greenwashing” is dead
  • The interrelationship of water use reduction, carbon reduction, energy efficiency, and environmental certifications
  • How companies are reacting and reporting to environmental reporting NGOs like CDP and UNPRI

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