Where Does Our Lack of Water Infrastructure Investment Lead? With Marshall Davert

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Marshall Davert, the President of Government & Infrastructure for the Americas and Asia/Pacific for MWH Global joins The Water Values Podcast this week. Marshall identifies key water infrastructure issues and provides his insights into the relative health of our water infrastructure. Marshall also compares and contrasts the models for funding infrastructure in the Americas and in the Asia/Pacific region. This is a “can’t miss” session of The Water Values Podcast if you’re interested in infrastructure and a world tour of how infrastructure gets funded.

In this Session, You’ll Learn about:

  • A high-level look at the elements of our water infrastructure
  • The present condition of those varying elements of water infrastructure
  • The importance of access to capital in addressing infrastructure needs
  • The issues surrounding access to capital from a water infrastructure perspective
  • The different models around the world wherein governments fund infrastructure projects
  • China’s South-North water diversion project

Resources and Links Mentioned in or Relevant to this Session Include:

  • MWH Global’s website
  • Marshall’s email: mdavert@mwhglobal.com
  • American Society of Civil Engineers’ infrastructure report card website giving the U.S. a D grade for drinking water and wastewater infrastructure
  • Article on China’s South-North water diversion project


Click here to download the Transcript for Session 15 of The Water Values Podcast.

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4 thoughts on “Where Does Our Lack of Water Infrastructure Investment Lead? With Marshall Davert

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  2. Dan

    Fantastic educational resource

    I was looking for a broad overview of water economics/policy, and resource management, and I found it.

    Though I have a degree in environmental science, I’ve been leading soldiers in the army for the last five years and am now preparing to move into the corporate world this summer. As I pursue a career in the water business, it is amazing to hear executives from top consulting and design-build companies discuss today’s most important water issues.

    In the past week I’ve listen to your first 15 episodes during my commutes and I can’t wait to listen to the next 50. Keep them coming!

    Thanks for your hard work.