Efficient Water Pipe Repairs with Krausz USA President Tom Gwynn

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Tom Gwynn, President of Krausz USA, joins us on this week’s episode of The Water Values Podcast to discuss the current state of water infrastructure in the United States, collection and distribution system pipe repairs, and how Krausz USA is working to safely and quickly repair those pipes. Tom tells us in detail about the various products Krausz USA has to offer and informs us on their uses to help with efficiencies and fast repairs.

In this session, you’ll learn about:

  • What Krausz USA does to help maintain water infrastructure
  • Details about the product Krausz came to market with that allows for more efficient pipe repair
  • The typical process involved to fix a main break
  • Why a coupling with two bolts requires less time in the trench for repair crews
  • The Hymax, Versa, and EasyMax, which are the three main products by Krausz USA, the capabilities of each
  • Typical water pipe diameters
  • Why pipe repairs that provide flexibility provide greater opportunities to extend infrastructure life
  • The benefits of restraint-type coupling
  • Couplings and clamps as permanent or temporary solutions

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Click here to download the Transcript for Session 56 of The Water Values Podcast.

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