A Smarter Way to Deliver Water with Peter Yolles

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Peter Yolles, CEO and Founder of WaterSmart Software, shares his perspective about how cloud-based, water efficiency technology can advance sustainable water management in water utilities – and give utilities a way to connect directly with customers about usage strategies to save water and money. Peter describes the three primary benefits of WaterSmart Software: customer engagement, water efficiency and data analytics. He also identifies how simply the WaterSmart platform interfaces with a utility’s data management system and shares stories about how utilities using WaterSmart Software implemented tailored programs and realized success of those programs through WaterSmart. Finally, Peter offers his thoughts on how water technology is gaining a foothold amongst utilities. Check it out for a great listen!

In this session, you’ll learn about:

  • How WaterSmart enhances financial control for utilities, engages customers, and improves water-use efficiency for individual households.
  • How cloud computing captures water use date for individual households
  • What consumers can learn from a Home Water Report.
  • How WaterSmart strengthens the financial health of utilities.
  • What data is most important to water utility managers.
  • How analytics can now help forecast demand and drive efficiency.
  • How utilities are using WaterSmart to help consumers save water, money and energy.
  • What “Water resilience” means to the utility industry.
  • What kind of water efficiency programs is WaterSmart helping to develop.
  • Smart water meters and AMI water meter systems
  • How utilities “talk” to individual customers using WaterSmart software.

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Click here to download the Transcript for Session 34 of The Water Values Podcast.

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