Serving Water for People and Utility Employment Opportunities with Connecticut Water CEO Eric Thornburg

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Eric Thornburg, the President and CEO of Connecticut Water Company, joins The Water Values for a special Thanksgiving week episode. Eric relates his experiences from a Water for People trip to Rwanda, Africa. Eric explains how Water for People is helping countries in need and how they are making a difference and transforming those communities to provide a significant service of healthy and safe drinking water. He also discusses water sustainability initiatives and infrastructure in the Northeast and various career opportunities in the water utility industry. The importance of gaining the interest and passion of the upcoming generations for the future of our water utilities takes on an important role for Eric, as well. Tune in for this fascinating episode and see how you can make a difference for water!

In this session, you’ll learn about:

  • The water utility industry, sustainability, and infrastructure in the Northeast
  • Sustainability initiatives that Connecticut Water has worked to implement
  • How Connecticut Water is handling increasing cost of water for customers
  • How Connecticut Water is working to replace old infrastructure throughout the communities in Connecticut and Maine
  • How Water for People and Connecticut Water have worked together and what they’re doing to provide safe water to other communities
  • The differences between communities that have access to safe drinking water versus ones that do not
  • How Eric communicated to Connecticut Water employees that they’re in the public health business rather than just the utility business after his Water for People trip
  • Some labor issues that utilities could face in the future
  • How to gather interest in the younger generation so that they can have a career within the water industry and make a difference
  • The wide-range of career opportunities in the water industry
  • Eric’s thoughts on what the future of the industry will be like

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Click here to download the Transcript for Session 39 of The Water Values Podcast.

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