Change Leadership with DC Water CEO George Hawkins

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George Hawkins, CEO and General Manager of DC Water, joins The Water Values Podcast and discusses his brand of change leadership. George details specific examples of his leadership style and how he approached his position when first joining DC Water. George also relates stories on how water utilities can interact with their customers and their governing boards. Finally, George offers his thoughts on the 3 biggest issues facing water utilities and their leaders today. This is a can’t miss episode.

In this session, you’ll learn about:

  • George’s background and how he came to believe that water is at the core of environmental issues
  • George’s brand of change leadership
  • What George brings to work every day
  • How George approached his job when new at DC Water
  • George’s experiences the first 30 days at DC Water
  • Why utilities need to take advantage of media exposure, even when the coverage involves a negative event for the utility
  • Innovative programs DC Water runs to increase customer and employee engagement
  • The relationship between DC Water and its Board
  • The 3 issues George believes are most pressing in the water utility industry

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Click here to download the Transcript for Session 60 of The Water Values Podcast.

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