Water Rights as Property Rights with Spencer Williams

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Spencer Williams of Ponderosa Advisors provides his insight into how different prior appropriation regimes are administered in several prior appropriation states, as well as a hybrid prior appropriation-riparian state. His insights into how water rights embody property rights and the difficulty in gaining precision as to the boundaries of water rights are fascinating. Spencer also discusses the Water Sage™ tool offered by Ponderosa Advisors and how it assists those seeking to gain a better understanding of a number of issues concerning water rights.

In this session, you’ll learn about:

  • What the doctrine of prior appropriation is
  • The difficulty conceptualizing water rights as property rights
  • The differences and similarities among prior appropriation regimes in Colorado, Montana and Wyoming
  • Why those in water markets need to understand other water uses in their basins
  • How the Texas prior appropriation-riparian hybrid system works
  • Why, in Texas, groundwater is king
  • The challenges Texas is facing concerning its system of water rights
  • The functionality and features of Water Sage™

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