Making a Difference in Water Sustainability with Institute for Sustainability and Global Impact Executive Director Meghna Tare

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Meghna Tare, the Executive Director of the Institute for Sustainability and Global Impact at the University of Texas at Arlington joins The Water Values Podcast to discuss how the Institute approaches water sustainability and to describe some of the projects and research undertaken by the Institute. Meghna emigrated from India approximately 15 years ago, so she has experienced water shortages firsthand and understands the need to practice sustainability when it comes to our water resources.

In this session, you’ll learn about:

  • The background on the Institute for Sustainability and Global Impact (Institute)
  • How the Institute approaches sustainability problems from practical and research-oriented perspectives
  • How the Institute is working with IBM and the USDA on improving water efficiency in agriculture and irrigation practices
  • How the Institute integrates sustainability studies into the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA) curriculum and the various schools within UTA
  • How the Institute coordinates sustainability planning and programs at UTA
  • The goals the Institute set for reducing indoor, consumptive water use on the UTA campus
  • How the Institute has nearly achieved the goals it set nearly 6 years ahead of schedule
  • How the Institute has included UTA’s power systems in its water sustainability efforts
  • How the Institute used water sensors in UTA’s irrigation system to achieve up to 40% reductions in outdoor water use for irrigation
  • The Institute’s award-winning The Green at College Park landscaping project that reduced water consumption by 70% from typical North Texas landscaping projects
  • The Institute’s role in the Tarrant Regional Water District’s 150-mile long, integrated pipeline project
  • How the Institute participates in the Collaborative Adaptive Sensing of the Atmosphere (CASA) project
  • How the Institute collaborates with the United States Business Conference for Sustainability
  • Meghna’s thoughts on applying her knowledge and experience in water sustainability in her native India

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