Managing Water Like Inventory with Frank Burns

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Frank Burns explains how his time designing wastewater treatment plants led to the founding of a technology company that identifies water waste in the built environment. Frank gives a wide-ranging look at how water waste can be effectively managed (like inventory) with technology. Sharing his ultimate vision for the technology, Frank describes how water can become a central component of the smart cities movement and find significant sources of conserved supply within the existing water distribution system.

This episode also features a Bluefield on Tap segment with Keith Hays, co-founder and Vice President of Bluefield Research. Keith discusses the digital water/smart water movement in the water sector and identifies drivers of the trend.

In this session, you’ll learn about:

  • How Frank began eliminating water waste from the built environment
  • Why water conservation plans failed over and over again without adequate technology
  • Frank’s estimate of how much water consumption is waste
  • What the common failure points for water conservation are in the built environment
  • Why measurement and reporting are key to water conservation success
  • How algorithms help identify water waste
  • What “explain away syndrome” is
  • Smart City water management and how to build it

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