Challenges for Water and Sewer Utilities with Peggy Gallos of the AEANJ

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Peggy Gallos, Executive Director of the Association of Environmental Authorities of New Jersey, discusses challenges faced by water and sewer utilities. Peggy’s position and diverse background, coming from public policy and journalism, provides her with a unique view on how water and sewer utilities find solutions to the challenges presented to them. Peggy also explains and describes a unique “liberal arts for water utility employees” program that provides great experience and grooms the next generation of water utility leadership in New Jersey.

In this session, you’ll learn about:

  • Peggy’s background in journalism and public policy
  • How the AEANJ provides regulatory, legislative, best practices, networking and other benefits to its members
  • The state of fragmentation in New Jersey’s water and sewer utility sector
  • What the big issues facing utilities are from Peggy’s perspective
  • New Jersey’s Water Quality Accountability Act
  • Public-Private Partnership issues
  • How to deal with the legislature and with legislators
  • The Environmental Professional Development Academy run by the NJAEA

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