A Contractor’s Practical Thoughts on Sewer Overflows with David Putnam

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David Putnam conveys some of the wisdom he’s learned during his 40 years as contractor in the water and sewer industry. David talks prevention of SSOs, including his patented invention, the Sewer Sentry. David also talks pipe-breaking and gives us a glimpse of the more practical side of the water and sewer industry. If you aren’t out in the field every day working with the physical plant, this episode will open your eyes to some of the issues going on outside the fence.

In this session, you’ll learn about:

  • What an SSO is
  • What a CSO is (and how it differs from an SSO)
  • How water inflow into manholes
  • Where David thinks a large percentage of I&I enters the sewer
  • How David developed the patented Sewer Sentry
  • What “pipe bursting” is
  • How sewer utilities can save money and avoid unneeded line replacements

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