Mainstreaming AI and Machine Learning with Jonathan Grant

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Emagin’s Chief Strategy Officer, Jonathan Grant, explains how Emagin is helping to mainstream AI and machine learning. Jonathan identifies and answers the most common questions he gets on AI and also dispels misconceptions about AI. He also provides some discrete examples of AI and machine learning implementation, including what Emagin experiences as common ROI for implementation. Don’t miss this episode!

Also in our Bluefield on Tap segment, Eric Bindler with Bluefield Research provides his takeaways on the recently concluded SWAN Conference and explains what the “digital twin” is.

In this session, you’ll learn about:

  • Jonathan’s views on AI, machine learning and digital water
  • AI basics
  • How AI helps optimizes processes & allows better decisions to be made
  • Some of the common misconceptions surrounding AI & machine learning
  • A case study of a distribution network with objectives to reduce energy use and save staff time
  • Typical ROI for AI system implementation
  • What drinking water utilities typically initially target with AI systems
  • What wastewater utilities typically initially target with AI systems

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