Handling Environmental Issues in the Wastewater Treatment Process with Beth Toot-Levy

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Beth Toot-Levy, Senior Environmental Specialist with the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District, joins The Water Values Podcast to discuss environmental issues faced in the wastewater treatment process by this sewer utility serving over a million customers in and around the City of Cleveland. Beth addresses water quality and other issues affecting the Great Lakes. Armed with a background in environmental studies and research with the National Center for Water Quality Research, Beth shares the area’s current wastewater research and efforts to treat and eliminate sources of pollution flowing in the watershed from neighborhoods, industrial facilities, and agricultural production.

In this Session, You’ll Learn about:

  • Which nutrient-pollutant caused the environmental water emergency in Toledo, Ohio.
  • The top three issues affecting wastewater treatment for the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District.
  • Which common household products may be impacting wastewater quality and environmental health of the surrounding water bodies.
  • The biggest contributors to wastewater contaminants.
  • What contaminants have the attention of EPA regulators.
  • What the District is doing to optimize its system for contaminant removal.
  • How the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District and the Ohio EPA are cooperating to limit contaminants entering Lake Erie.
  • The process that has been developed to help determine if a water body and its ecosystem are healthy.
  • How wastewater utilities evaluate modern threats to water quality, and why it often involves a fine balance between human health and environmental risk.

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Click here to download the Transcript for Session 28 of The Water Values Podcast.

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