Accelerating Innovation in the Water Space with Chris Peacock

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Chris Peacock, water sector entrepreneur and founder of the Water Innovation Project, takes us on a journey in search of “smart water”. He shares what he has learned about the water market over the years and how new information technologies are helping us better understand how to manage our vital water resources. Chris also announces details about his upcoming book release, a compilation of 25 essays by thought leaders on water issues, which describes what people are doing to make a difference in the world of water.

In this session, you’ll learn about:

  • How water rights are defined and what they mean
  • The role of water economists and the water market
  • Who the typical stakeholders are in the water market
  • How Chris helped create a market to buy and sell water rights in northern Arizona
  • Efforts to transform the way we value water as a society
  • The technology behind smart water
  • Smart water utilities and how technology is impacting utility operations
  • How a smart water grid is created
  • What changes are occurring in the water sector due to the use of system data
  • Types of data that can be acquired from utility operations
  • How geographic information systems (GIS) help support utility infrastructure
  • How automated metering is changing utility operations and helping end users conserve water
  • How leak detection technologies are benefiting consumers
  • How to pre-order Christopher’s new book Damned if We Don’t: Ideas for Accelerating Change Around Water
  • How the publisher is giving back to the water community both here and abroad

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