Public-Private Partnerships in the Water Industry with United Water’s Bob Iacullo

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Bob Iacullo, Executive Vice President with United Water, joins The Water Values Podcast to discuss the history of the public-private partnership model (i.e., 3Ps or P3s) in the water sector, how the model has changed and what innovations are taking place. Bob discusses United Water’s 3P agreement with the City of Bayonne in depth, including how the 3P agreement saved Bayonne money not just on the water side, but also improved the city’s credit rating, which made future borrowings less expensive for the city. Bob also discusses the impact the IRS has on 3P agreements, concessions agreements versus O&M agreements, indices used to adjust the compensation and much more.

In this session, you’ll learn about:

  • The history of 3Ps in the water sector
  • The importance and positive impacts of going beyond a 20-year O&M contract
  • What constitutes a straight O&M and when it is turned into a concession agreement
  • What situations are best to go into a straight O&M versus a concession agreement
  • Relationships between the city and the Citizens Energy Group in regards to storm water
  • How regulatory climates and incentives in particular jurisdictions impact 3P agreements
  • Procurement processes for 3P agreements
  • How United Water and Kohlberg Kravis Roberts became a joint venture
  • How the federal government is helping to gain more interest of 3P agreements with the help of the Water Reform and Resources Development Act and Water Infrastructure and Financing Innovation Act
  • The future of 3P

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Click here to download the Transcript for Session 37 of The Water Values Podcast.

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