Water Reuse and Technological Advancements with GE Water’s Jon Freedman

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GE Water’s Jon Freedman joins The Water Values Podcast to discuss water reuse and other challenges in the water industry. Jon walks us through issues surrounding water reuse and recycling and gives us a peek behind the curtain about several water-related technologies and where he and GE Water see the next frontier of water technology.

In this session, you’ll learn about:

  • The recently announced partnership among GE Water, MWH Global and Goldman Sachs
  • The difference between delivery of water service in the Unites States and in other parts of the world
  • Chronic underinvestment in water systems and their impact on infrastructure
  • How water rates are rising to help alleviate the chronic underinvestment in water systems
  • GE’s Ecomagination initiative
  • The difference between water reuse and water recycling
  • What a membrane bioreactor is
  • Why Latin America is not on the forefront of water reuse
  • What the policy issues are for water reuse and which parts of the world are leading the way on water reuse policy
  • Energy and resource recovery from wastewater streams

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