Spreading Groundwater Knowledge with Steve Baker

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Hydrogeologist Steve Baker joins us in this episode to discuss educating water well users about their groundwater so they can make decisions and change behaviors based on that knowledge. Steve’s Know Your Water Program creates a profile of water wells and allows well users to proactively manage their water use rather than wait until the well goes dry to realize a problem exists. It’s a great episode, and Steve is really an engaging guest, so take a listen!

In this session, you’ll learn about:

  • Fractured rock aquifers
  • The data points Steve’s Know Your Water Program identifies
  • How well users use the well data to manage their groundwater resources
  • How Steve determines the recharge time for aquifers
  • Why the California drought didn’t hit well users in Northern California as hard as Southern California (at least not yet)

Resources and links mentioned in or relevant to this session include:


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3 thoughts on “Spreading Groundwater Knowledge with Steve Baker

  1. Dave

    Great interview with some good insights. I thought about how the well data logging was done and the time series resolution used. It would be interesting to monitor the changes in water quality as the ground water recharges.

    Also loved the comment on water reuse and the drug artifacts left behind in reused water. Then I think of the long term problems on the eco systems. This sounds like the making of another interesting podcast.

    1. Dave McGimpsey Post author

      Dave - Thanks for your comment. Yes, it seems each guest opens multiple doors to additional podcast topics. Steve was great, and I think there’s more to come on the water reuse and water quality front.

  2. Steve Baker

    Water quality changes is a large portion of gaining a better understanding of a domestic groundwater supply. Solving anthropogenic issues related to water supplies is going to take participation of the groundwater users. We are moving in the right direction. Appreciate your comments.

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