Derisking Utility Innovation with Isle Utilities President (US) Cristina Ahmadpour

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Cristina Ahmadpour, the president of Isle Utilities US division joins The Water Values Podcast and shares her insights on technology adoption by utilities. She explains Isle Utilities’ market position that vets technologies and allows utilities to avoid the cost and expense of reviewing unproven technologies. This is a must listen for those interested in pursuing technology adoption within the utility sector.

In this session, you’ll learn about:

  • How Cristina’s business background helps her in the water sector
  • Isle Utilities role in vetting technologies
  • The process Isle Utilities uses to vet technologies
  • Cristina’s insights into how utilities pursue technology adoption
  • Cristina’s position on the real reasons technology uptake by utilities is perceived as too slow
  • The areas Cristina sees as being the most active in the water technology space

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