Wisdom from the Shores of Lake Erie with Todd Danielson

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Todd Danielson, Chief Utilities Executive at Avon Lake Regional Water, relates a number of issues pertaining to utilities in the Midwest. While water quantity does not rise high on the list of issues faced by water utilities along Lake Erie, Todd identifies a number of other issues. Water quality (including a very interesting preliminary look at what a water quality trading market might look like), water rates, “idle infrastructure” and more issues are addressed. Todd also speaks to Avon Lake Regional Water’s in-process strategic plan and what that document is shaping up to be. A great interview by Todd just a couple days before World Water Day!

In this session, you’ll learn about:

  • Why a city of 24,000 people has a 50 MGD water treatment plant
  • Water quality issues in Lake Erie
  • How “non-point source” discharges impact Lake Erie water quality
  • What a water quality trading system might look like
  • The possibility of utilities leveraging funds to promote water quality improvements
  • The problem of “idle infrastructure”
  • Issues utilities need to consider when setting rates
  • The parameters of Avon Lake Regional Water’s forthcoming strategic plan

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