The AWWA: Past, Present and Future with CEO David LaFrance

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American Water Works Association (AWWA) CEO David LaFrance joins The Water Values Podcast for a wide-ranging look at the AWWA. David recounts some history of the AWWA, discusses AWWA’s strategic initiatives (including a recap of how AWWA’s expansion to India is going) and important current issues, and identifies some key trends where he sees water issues heading in the future. David gives a great interview that’s chock full of interesting information.

In this session, you’ll learn about:

  • The origins of the AWWA
  • The AWWA’s mission
  • Why the AWWA chose to expand internationally to India
  • How North American members can learn from Indian water professionals
  • AWWA ACE19 in Denver, CO (June 9-12, 2019)
  • Recent federal legislation concerning water (WIFIA & the Farm Bill)
  • Why AWWA’s standards have been so important in bringing uniformity to water infrastructure
  • The key issues David sees being at the fore in the water sector in the future

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