Water Equity in Louisville with Tony Parrott and Sharise Horne

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Tony Parrott & Sharise Horne of the Louisville MSD tackle the important issue of water equity in Louisville, KY. Tony & Sharise describe how Louisville MSD’s workforce development, procurement programs, rate design & more in pursuing water equity.

Reese Tisdale also returns with our Bluefield on Tap segment where he details Bluefield’s takeaways and observations from WEFTEC and discusses the recently announced DELCORA deal in Pennsylvania.

In this session, you’ll learn about:

  • What water equity is
  • How Louisville MSD assessed whether water equity existed in Louisville
  • Louisville MSD’s strategy to attack the water equity problem
  • How partnerships play a role in achieving water equity
  • How Louisville MSD uses workforce development, transportation, child care and more in its quest to attain water equity
  • Tony’s thoughts on One Water (we recorded this at the One Water Summit, you know?)

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3 thoughts on “Water Equity in Louisville with Tony Parrott and Sharise Horne

  1. Jack Tuholske, Director Water and Justice Program

    These podcasts are a great teaching tool, and I am using them in my Water Resources Online class that is about to launch at Vermont Law School.

  2. Yvette Downs

    What an important topic and I appreciate the thoughtful approach taken by Tony Parrott and Louisville MSD.