The Economics of Water with David Zetland, Ph.D.

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Economics of water


This week, The Water Values Podcast welcomes noted economist and author David Zetland. David takes us on a wide-ranging interview where he discusses the relationship between the price of water, the value of water and the cost of water. He also addresses a number of other issues, such as water rate structures from an economist’s viewpoint, water as a local issue, and water scarcity. He provides great context for these and other topics through his new book, Living with Water Scarcity.

In this Session, You’ll Learn about:

  • The patterns in water management identified by David Zetland
  • The economist’s viewpoint on the monopolistic structure of water utilities
  • The difference between the value of water, the price of water and the cost of water
  • The cost of scarcity as an externality in the price of water
  • The economist’s viewpoint on water rate structures
  • Why David doesn’t like increasing block rates
  • David’s viewpoint on time-of-use rates for water utilities
  • David’s viewpoint on seasonal rates for water utilities
  • An economist’s thoughts on reusing wastewater
  • David’s new book, Living with Water Scarcity

Resources and Links Mentioned in or Relevant to this Session Include:


Click here to download the Transcript for Session 9 of The Water Values Podcast

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2 thoughts on “The Economics of Water with David Zetland, Ph.D.

  1. Tim Truax

    Dr. Zetland’s discussion of the cost and value of water was so meaningful to me that I am asking all of my employees to listen to this podcast.

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