A Distributed Water Solution with Ambient Water CEO Keith White

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Ambient Water CEO, Keith White, joins The Water Values Podcast for a fantastic discussion about Ambient Water’s unique distributed water solution. Keith takes us on the creative journey in which he conceptualized and tested a unit that could make safe, potable water out of the humidity in the air. After a long journey, he’s developed the technology and is now commercializing it with products that can help water poor areas with not only the provision of safe drinking water but also food supply and climate controlled shelter. You’ll be amazed with the distributed water solution that Ambient Water can provide and all the indirect benefits that result from the Ambient Water source of safe drinking water.

In this session, you’ll learn about:

  • The history of Ambient Water
  • How Ambient Water’s products are “dehumidification on steroids”
  • How Ambient Water creates dew points 24/7
  • The difficulties involved and solutions found pertaining to condensing, transporting, storing and treating ambient water
  • How the Ambient Water units differ from traditional dehumidification or air conditioning units
  • The physical size of the units
  • The production capabilities of the units
  • The energy consumption of the units
  • The “humidity belt” that is the sweet spot for the units
  • Agricultural applications
  • Industrial applications
  • Emergency and disaster relief applications
  • The food/water/energy/shelter solution that incorporates a vertical growing system

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5 thoughts on “A Distributed Water Solution with Ambient Water CEO Keith White

  1. William Danshin

    Best wishes to Ambient Water to bring good value to customers for supply of water, food, climate control…..looking forward to integrating our business and technical “know-how” to bring good value to customers worldwide.

  2. Tito Matos

    Congratulations to you as host and to Mr Keith White for such a great information…
    just some additional info… all of Latin America is suffering from severe water scarcity…
    and the prognosis is even to be worst….just a number..Peru has already over 10 million
    Peruvians without any water…its their main issue of concern…

    Ambient Water will be a great solution as an alternative to their problem

  3. Craig DeSteiguer

    Not only am I a stock holder in your company but truly believe what you have here is a true gold mind with the world at your feet. Let us know what your marketing strategies are in regards to domestic and international markets. As they say “The World is your Oyster”. Unbelievable Opportunities. If I can help you with ideas, let me know.

    Craig deteiguer

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