Quantifying the Economic Value of the Colorado River with Ann Tartre

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Ann Tartre joins The Water Values Podcast this week to discuss how Protect the Flows fulfills its mission to safeguard the Colorado River. She explains the efforts businesses in the Colorado River Basin undertake to educate themselves, their customers and others on sustainably using the Colorado River. Ann takes us through the powerful findings of an Arizona State University study commissioned by Protect the Flows quantifying the economic impact of the Colorado River on the Southwest (and by extension the United States). Hint – the economic impact of the Colorado River is roughly equivalent to the GNP of Australia. Join us for this very important discussion, as Ann explains how Protect the Flows will continue its mission to increase awareness about the Colorado River and this important study – and the ways we can protect our economy by protecting our vital Colorado River!

In this session, you’ll learn about:

  • The Protect the Flows organization and its mission
  • How small and large businesses are getting engaged in water policy issues
  • The demographics of businesses that are active members in Protect the Flows
  • The process to select the researchers for the Colorado River study
  • The Arizona State University study focused on the economy dependent upon the Colorado River
  • The framework and parameters of the study
  • How the results of the study are used to advocate with decision and policy makers to protect the Colorado River
  • How the economy in the Southwest would be impacted if Colorado River levels decline
  • The Gross State Product economic loss, labor income loss, and job loss if water from the Colorado River was not available
  • Which states would be hit hardest economically if water from the Colorado River was not available
  • The top five economic sectors in the region hit hardest by declining Colorado River flows
  • The background and research into why these economic sectors would have the biggest impact
  • Protect the Flows’ member reaction to the study and how they’re collaborating on reducing water use
  • What’s in store for the future for Protect the Flows and what they’re doing to showcase their research at a federal, state and local levels1.4Trillion_Infographic_ASU

    Infographic Courtesy of Protect the Flows

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Click here to download the Transcript for Session 48 of The Water Values Podcast.

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