Advancements in Water Testing with OndaVia CEO Mark Peterman

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Mark Peterman, CEO of OndaVia, joins The Water Values Podcast this week to discuss water testing and technological advancements occurring in the water industry. Mark shares how OndaVia technology provides rapid testing results, which provides a better alternative to off-site laboratory testing that can take weeks. Mark cites examples such as perchlorate in groundwater and water at oil refineries and how on-site testing at the micro level can better optimize industrial processes. He also discusses the process for how OndaVia tests the water on the silicon chip and with a Raman Spectrometer, which allows for field and on-site water testing. Tune into this week’s episode for more on OndaVia and water testing technologies!

In this session, you’ll learn about:

  • What a micro-fluid is
  • The development of the technology for the silicon chip and at OndaVia
  • What type of water OndaVia tests
  • The water testing process
  • The reason OndaVia is increasing its catalog of tests
  • Why industrial processes usually use technological innovations prior to drinking water and municipal wastewater utilities
  • Why it’s valuable and important to test for perchlorate and water in oil refineries
  • Some water testing advancements in technology that OndaVia is working on
  • Challenges Mark thinks will occur when smaller communities want to test for non-regulated contaminants
  • What Mark thinks about research being done to test pharmaceuticals and micro-contaminants to determine if they are harmful to humans
  • The commercialization process for new technology
  • Applications and market opportunities that Mark sees for effluent testing

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Click here to download the Transcript for Session 50 of The Water Values Podcast.

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