John Fleck on the Importance of Water Journalism and Western Water Myths

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John Fleck, Director of the University of New Mexico’s Water Resources Program, author and retired water journalist, joins The Water Values Podcast for a discussion of water journalism and why it (and other areas of journalism) are so important to a citizenry understanding their government. He also delves into his journey where he flipped from seeing a water apocalypse to seeing a world where adaptation and collaboration have produced tremendous water success stories. John is an excellent story-teller, so you don’t want to miss this one!

In this session, you’ll learn about:

  • Why water journalism (and journalism in general) is imporant
  • Water journalism’s role in educating people about water governance
  • The cultural awareness of water in arid regions
  • The roots of the West’s apocalyptic water tradition
  • Why John ultimately renounced the apocalyptic water vision
  • The water success story of Albuquerque
  • John’s thoughts on the West’s growth with water as a limiting factor
  • John’s thoughts on our ability to conserve water
  • John’s thoughts on water and agricultural uses
  • How Colorado River politics have changed over the years
  • Who water negotiations in the West need to bring to the table

Resources and links mentioned in or relevant to this session include:


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One thought on “John Fleck on the Importance of Water Journalism and Western Water Myths

  1. Austin Mielke

    Really enjoyed this show would really like to get in touch with John, his blog doesn’t seem to make contact to him though.
    -Austin Mielke

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