Water Sector Investing with Jud Hill

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Head of investment banking firm Blue Star Capital, Jud Hill has spent his career exploring the smartest and most innovative ways to invest in the water sector – and why water is such a unique commodity. Jud discusses the growing trend in water equities and what opportunities are on the horizon for investors.

In this session, you’ll learn about:

  • Why there is a disconnect in the public’s perception that water is a free commodity
  • How the public views water as a commodity and necessity
  • How the industry is looking to package the value of water utilities in the clearest terms for investors
  • Opportunities for investing in the water space
  • The water value chain and what it means to investors
  • The water investment cycle
  • Why the water investment cycle is longer than found in the traditional private equity
  • The status of technology industry for converting black water to energy
  • Why great technologies sometimes die on the vine
  • How private capital looks to get into the infrastructure and technology side of water
  • How water rights are impacting land investment and permitting requirements
  • Important considerations for maximizing water asset value
  • Price inelasticity issues with water
  • Difficulties that market fragmentation could bring to investing in water
  • Ways to invest in new water treatment technologies
  • What makes a good investor in the water sector
  • Why Jud believes picking people over technologies produces the best investments
  • The difficulties investors have in convincing potential deployment sources for capital to partner with the investors

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Click here to download the Transcript for Session 45 of The Water Values Podcast.

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